Thank You! $11 832 raised to date

Issie Swim 4 Alzheimers

A 32km swim across Okanagan Lake from Peachland to Penticton to raise money for critical research in Alzheimer's disease

COMPLETED August 14, 2022 in 11hrs and 55min!!!

In loving memory of Joan Wickett

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I’m Issie, I’m 16 years old, and this summer I will be attempting to swim across Okanagan Lake from Peachland to Penticton (approximately 32km). This swim will be in memory of my grandma, Joan Wickett, who passed away in March 2022 from Alzheimer’s disease. I will be raising funds for The Alzheimer Society of Canada.

I have been swimming all my life really. My dads' family home is near Lac Saint Jean, Quebec, and my moms' family home is in Penticton, BC. So I grew up surrounded by lakes! I started swimming competitively in the pool at age 8 and open water swimming at age 10.

I have increased my open water distances each summer from 1600m in 2016, to 24km in 2020. I have amazing support from my family and friends and couldn’t do this without them. This past year I moved to Penticton and now swim with KISU Swim Club. I have been training hard all year in the pool and I am gradually moving over to open water.

Both sides of my family are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. My grandma was always a huge supporter of my swims in Penticton so I decided to swim in her honour for the 2019 Skaha Lake Ultra Swim. I was able to raise $4000 that was donated to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

I am a pretty hard worker, and have always liked to try to push myself beyond my limits. This summers' Peachland to Penticton swim will be very tough, but I am hoping that someday research in Alzheimer’s will also push limits and we will find a cure.

Funds raised will go to Alzheimers' research. To donate directly to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, click here:

Grandma Joan Wickett

To the left: With my sister, Sara , and grandma, Joan Wickett

To the right: With my incredible support team getting set for the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim in 2019 (We were able to raise $4000 for the Alzheimer Society of Canada)

At 11 years old, getting ready for the 3.1km Rattlesnake Island Swim

With my grandma, grandpa, sister Sara and cousins Ingrid and Frankie

At 13, I'm ready for the Skaha Lake Ultra Swim with my support paddler Janyce

My sister and cousins Sandra & Maya-- making sure I'm safe training on the lake