$11, 832

raised for the Alzheimer Society of Canada to date

August 14th started just before 3am. After an early breakfast, we packed and left for Peachland. We are so grateful that Float Okanagan and captain Christano was waiting with the boat at the Peachland start point. I hit the water at 4:50am and was swimming by moonlight for a good hour. The first 12 km went pretty smoothly. The next 10km were tough as trout creek point never seemed to get closer. Mentally it was really tough for me around 20km mark. Once we reached trout creek point and I was able to eat more (thanks to Cobbs bread for the chocolate scones!). The last section from Trout creek went faster as I could start to see Penticton and the Peach finishing spot. Was a day I won't forget. Thanks so much to everyone!

Peachland to Penticton, 32km, 11hrs 55min

Raised to date: $11 832

Thank you to all those who kindly donated!

McDaniel Family Charitable Foundation--Thank you for your incredibly generous donation!

Skaha Lake Ultra Swim--Thank you for a great race and your amazing support!

Tina Hoeben-Thanks for being an amazing coach..could not be doing this without you!

Marlee Winser-first to donate--wow thanks so much!!

Rick Wickett & Carol Molinski--would not be here without you. Thanks so much for being part of this journey

Bill & Laurel Wickett-thank you for getting me to the start point at 330am and for the delicious treats at the finish!!!

Janyce Evans-my support paddler for these crazy swims! Can't say thanks enough

Pamela Rutten-Thanks to you and Hannah for being there at the finish!

Sandra Grecoff-Cousins are the best! Thanks for being there for me during all my crazy swims!!

Barbara Bechard-Thank you very much for your generous gift!

Glen Adams-Thanks so much Glen!

Sharon Dunn-Special thanks Sharon!

Frank Regehr--Your generous support is very much appreciated!

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